First planting

The last few months have have been busy. I’ve wanted to write but, for some reason, I can’t access this site from home.

We purchased our home in November and have settled in nicely. We are putting down roots in our home, our neighborhood, the school and our town. The first planting (us) was a success!

It’s cold and snowy here in the winter so all we were able to do in the yard was clean it up a bit. There were so many leaves and pine needles. We started a compost pile immediately and added the leaves. The pine needles were used to mulch existing flowerbeds.

I’m ready for spring, but probably not. Haha! I want the nice weather, ability to plant and to start building and fencing. Everyone says to start small for your first garden. I don’t want to! Fortunately for me, my neighbor was a horticulturist and is ready and willing to help me! I showed her my full page list of things that I want to grow and her response was that I had missed a few important things. I’m sure that she was part of God’s plan for putting us where we are!

I’m super excited to be starting this homesteading lifestyle! So much to learn. So much to do. Such a beautiful adventure!

Are you a homesteader or wanting to be one??? Friends, advice and encouragement are always appreciated!

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