Are we crazy???

Four months ago, I tried to see my doctor for back pain. She was booked out for a month so I saw another doctor two days later. When she walked in, she said, “Your doctor and I have very differing opinions on things like your pain and your diabetes.” Okay…. She suggested that I start following the Ketogenic way of eating. It sounded amazing but so did a lot of other “diets” that I had failed at. I came home, did research and told my husband what we were getting ready to do. He’s amazingly supportive so I knew he would do it with me!

Here we are today, down a combined 90 pounds, feeling great and wanting a better life! We also have learned the value of better food. I thought my husband would think I was crazy when I said I wanted a garden and chickens. Nope! He said that he did too! I told you he was amazing!

Currently we are packing our things to leave the house we lease on the beautiful but crowded and expensive Whidbey Island. We made an offer on a house on the other side of the state. It has room for a garden, chickens and more!

We own 2 barber shops near where we live now. We will open a much smaller one in the tiny town that we are moving to, also. We look forward to a 2-3 day work week and spending the rest of our time at home!

Here, I will journal our way through this new adventure and hopefully inspire others to pursue homesteading, if it’s their dream as well!

Wish us luck! This is a new way of life and a new place. This will definitely be a learning experience.

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